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Since 1980 Sacam operates in the International agri-food market with seriousness and professionality, importing from both European and non-European countries preserved agri-food products (vegetables, fruit and seafood ).

Our suppliers are important producers, technologically advanced, thanks to whom we are constantly able to provide and ensure the best quality of our products.

A continuous monitoring of the countries of origin, of the crops and processing of raw materials, and a careful, professional and dynamic analysis of the needs of both our suppliers and our customers, are the fundamental principles of our work.

We are always in a position to offer technical and commercial advice on the situation of the different agri-food markets.

The main features of our work are scrupulous control of the goods at their origin, guaranteed quality, prompt and accurate logistics service and competitive prices.

Sacam srl - Via Berna, 6 43010 Fontevivo PR - Tel +39 0521 618476 Fax +39 0521 616014 e-mail: sacam@sacamfoods.it - P.Iva 00638310359